SANITERRA INTERNATIONAL LDA, founded in Porto, in north side of Portugal one of the greatest Product design hubs in the world. This is where the tradition of sanitary originated and where technical colorful bathroom are develop. At SANITERRA , we place the most stringent demands on quality, design and durability. This means SANITERRA by using outsource strategy production focus on a functional, robust and timeless Sanitary that meets the needs and wants of the most demanding end-user.

Why Architects and designer the world cover choose SANITERRA for its innovative and architectural characteristics such as a sleek and transparent structure and for its functional properties which are ease of maintenance and sturdiness.

When we talk about the activities we perform in our bathrooms today, we tend to speak of everything that relates to taking care of our bodies: washing, bathing, cleaning, relieving ourselves, manicuring our outer appearance…it’s a place we cleanse ourselves, ensure proper hygiene, and a place we .

SANITERRA INTERNATIONAL LDA, has been providing Bathroom sanitary business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to multinational clients, creating value to customers with highest quality and really affordable price for especial construction project and Building Developer…. The headquarters in Porto comprise the Marketing & Sales Management Section, the Section for Bathtubs, Bathroom Accessories, Mixer and taps, as well as products customization activities. The sanitary, washbasin and toilet sections operates in fabrica di Roma.

Made in Italy with close cooperation with Portugal, is a mark of quality that our products fit with great pride.


Our philosophy is aimed at satisfying the needs of every type of customer, for this reason the company has always focused its stylistic and technological research towards a quality product that can generate a strong “appeal” in every nuance. The quest for innovation is the strength on which we find designers, engineers, chemists and commercial manager.


The technology used by SANITERRA Ceramics consists of a working method that preserves the care and attention of the product, in each of its production step, making it closer to crafts industry that true, then combining it with other strongly technological processes which complement our production line.